Courage to Climb the Learning Curve

I know many of you struggle with the learning curve necessary to use technology to your advantage. I always tell you to get outside your comfort zone, because your business depends on it.

Well this week that’s what I had to do. I had a tough week with multiple technical problems getting our new membership site software  working properly for my new Coaching Club.

With a team of 4 other people we spent hours  uncovering the problem and we finally did.  Believe me there were moments when I wanted to give up, but I just kept thinking of howgreat it would be once it was working.
It took us the whole week but it’s done.

This week I climbed the learning curve.

This is a process you’ll repeat many times. Climbing up the curve can be like climbing a hill and it can be tough and frustrating at times. But once you reach the top you slide down the other side and reap the rewards. If you get stuck going up and you give up you may be just short of the peak,
so push through; keep going; be determined.

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