10 Ways to Bypass the Bunker Mentality

All you hear lately is recession¬† doom and gloom and it can lead you to bunker down, close the hatches and hold tight hoping it will all pass.But since you had the courage to start a business I think you know better. I’ve never been more optimistic as I am now. If you seek out the opportunities that are all around you right now, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

The only thing that could keep the blinders on is FEAR -False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear can make you overly cautious; it can make you cut back on the exact 2 things you should be expanding now, and that’s marketing and mentoring.

Let’s look at marketing. This is the time to really:

  1. Increase how often you connect with clients so that they buy from you more often
  2. Build new relationships-this is easy with social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  3. offer special packages and bonuses to increase sales
  4. Cut out marketing and networking that is not producing results. Your marketing plan needs to be lean and mean.
  5. Make your marketing messages very benefit focused. That means your elevator speech, your website headlines, your e-mails. Always focus on a benefit that you can provide rather than on what you do.
  6. Make sure you have an opt-in form on your main webpages. Ask people to sign up for your mailing list and give them a great, benefit driven free report, e-book, audio, tip sheet or video if they do.
  7. E-mail or call these people to see how you can help them.
  8. Use the phone. People are overwhelmed by e-mail and they often appreciate the personal touch. It will really increase your sales.
  9. Pro-actively ask for referrals
  10. Actively seek joint venture partners who can send a stream of sales your way

What you should avoid doing is sitting tight and endlessly worrying about how you’ll keep sales coming in. The time and energy you waste on those negative thoughts will only keep you stuck and can lead to a self fulfilling prophecy.

In the past year alone I’ve spent about $7,000 on education and mentoring. Over the years, mentors have been responsible for helping me learn new strategies and reach big goals. My mentors have coaches and mentors as well. We all need a strong support team of the right people because so many of us work alone or with a small staff. Working with the right people can help you gain new skills, systems, resources and know-how,¬† pinpoint what’s holding you back so you can change it, and help you be accountable for taking action.

Many of us spend some time over the holidays planning for next year. I want to challenge you to think big, think outside the box, imagine the ideal business situation and then plan to achieve that.

If you want mentoring and guidance and you’d like to learn the step-by-step proven systems that will help you reach those goals quickly, I’ll be accepting 35 people into the Maximum Business Growth Coaching Incubator which starts in January. These 35 people are going to dramatically increase their sales next year. If you would like to consider being one of them, you can get more information and sign up for a risk free trial here:

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  • Duncan Brodie
    Posted at 13:23h, 18 December Reply


    Excellent article. Another point that I would add is that we all get to choose whether we focus on the circumstances or the results.

    There is probably little we can do about the circumstances but we can do a lot about the results. Probably one thing we all could do is keep taking action so that we move in the direction we want to.

    Duncan Brodie
    Goals and Achievements

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